JLheadshotI am a professor of biological psychology at the Universität Greifswald, and a Freigeist Fellow and head of the Human Perception and Action Lab at the Centre for Tactile Internet of the TU Dresden. I am also a current member of the Junge Akademie.

My research focus is on the biological basis of human perception and action, with an emphasis on the mechanisms underlying flexible body models in the brain (in particular, in virtual environments and during human-machine-interactions). I like to use virtual reality together with state-of-the-art sensors (e.g., data gloves) and interventions (TMS, pharmacology) for experimental manipulation, and look at how these manipulations affect behaviour, brain activity (using fMRI and M/EEG), and subjective experience together. I am a fan of computational modelling approaches to gain a mechanistic understanding of this kind of data.